Camden Remote Handicaps & Averages

Camden has established a Camden Remote Tournament Average.  This is a 1 Year Rolling Average.  When playing in a handicapped remote tournament or figuring your average for a cap you will be assigned the higher of the Camden Remote Tournament Average or your PPD Average.  If you don't have an either average, Camden will determine your average based upon league stats and known ability.  Check your stats here...

PPD Average

Camden Remote Avg (must have 12 games)

All Remote Tournaments will be handicapped using 55% for x01 and 12 Marks Max for Cricket


Please Note that League Matches have priority in use of dart boards over any tournament.  Please do not choose a location with league matches scheduled.

Submit Non Camden Stats and Arachnid G3 Share Codes to

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January Point Prizes:

​1st-All league dues paid for you and a partner to play an Express Extreme League

​2nd-One night paid for your hotel at the 2018 TOC

3rd & 4th-Camden Jersey

5th & 6th-$25 M&R Gift Certificate

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